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2017 Iles Lecture – Paper & Video Link

The 2017 Robert Iles Memorial Lecture, Reason, Repentance, and the Individual:  Recovering the Religious Roots of Western Civilisation, presented by Rev. Peter Kurti on 18 October, 2017 at Burnside City Uniting Church in Adelaide, is… Continue reading

Do not let your hearts be anxious.

This sermon was presented to Waikerie Uniting Church, in the late 1980s after Robert returned to Australia from studying in Los Angeles: In some ways I find it quite an emotional experience returning to… Continue reading

The Bridegroom (Poem)

The following is a playful poem of unknown origin, which describes a certain marriage ceremony. Robert used to use it in the wedding celebrations he took. It is called, ‘The Bridegroom’: Wilt thou… Continue reading

The Iles Memorial Lecture 2014 – Hon. Kevin Andrews MP – Marriage in Today’s Society

Dear Friends of the Blog, Characterised by enthusiastic audiences and speakers of international renown, the first two Robert Iles Memorial Lectures have now become significant events in the life of the Uniting Church… Continue reading

Eternal Life

A few years ago on BBC Radio, Malcolm Muggeridge interviewed the great humourist P.G. Wodehouse, creator of Bertie Wooster and other memorable characters. Wodehouse spoke at length about his life, but the interview… Continue reading

Being Good News People

When I was pastoring a Presbyterian church in Los Angeles some years ago I came across a lady called Alice. Alice was a woman in her fifties who had had enough bad news.… Continue reading

Dealing With Stress Like Jesus Did

Stress is a major issue in our times. It is a measure of our adaptability. Stress demands that we cope with what has arisen. It is seen in the business man running late… Continue reading

The Inaugural Robert Iles Memorial Lecture

Good Morning Faithful Readers, We are very excited to invite you all to The Inaugural Robert Iles Memorial Lecture. It will be happening tonight, November 11th,  7:30pm at Burnside City Uniting Church. We… Continue reading

The Trinity – God’s Logic Problem

I used to have an interest in a magazine called Logic Problems. It never seemed to sell like Women’s Weekly or Wheels but at least there were always plenty of copies available. Each… Continue reading

Where Are The Healings?

In the Old Testament, through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord gives a vision of a healed Creation (Isaiah 65:17-25). InJerusalemthe sounds of weeping and crying will end. Children will not longer die when… Continue reading