7 Things to Look for in a Partner

We have many choices to make in life:

  • Subjects to study
  • Career to choose
  • Money priorities
  • Values to live by, and
  • The kind of person I would like to spend the rest of my life with.


Many people who have been through hurtful relationships speak of the importance of that choice.

People marry the wrong kind of person because:

  • They change or hoped they’d change
  • It came from a de facto relationship
  • Never saw them clearly, or
  • Had a great physical relationship but nothing more (a relationship cannot survive on passion alone).

Marriage is always a risk, but it can be a good risk.

The key to the right person is in the character of the person.

In the Bible, Ruth showed she was the right person through her character.

The kind of person to marry:

  1. A caring person – in Ruth 1: 16-18 she was a young widow, a Moabite away from her people and she reacted wonderfully when the pressure was on. She showed depth and character.
  2. An enterprising person – in Ruth 2: 2-9 she was engaging in a high risk but high reward activity. She was a hard worker; not lazy.
  3. Gets on well with people – Boaz showed in Ruth 2: 9 that he was able to handle authority easily, was fair and got on well with his employees.
  4. A person of faith – in Ruth 1: 16 and 2:4 it was shown that Ruth and Boaz were both people of faith.
  5. Humility – Ruth 2:10
  6. A good reputation – Ruth 2: 11
  7. Grateful – Ruth 2: 13

By George Robert Iles