The Bridegroom (Poem)

The following is a playful poem of unknown origin, which describes a certain marriage ceremony. Robert used to use it in the wedding celebrations he took. It is called, ‘The Bridegroom’:

Wilt thou take this women For your lawful wedded wife?

Wilt thou honor and obey her Throughout your natural life?

Wilt thou let her have her way And fulfil her each desire;

Start the breakfast every morning, Chop the wood and build the fire?

Wilt thou let her drive your car?

Wilt thou give her all your money,

Go to parties every night?

Wilt though always call her honey?

Wilt thou support her mother,

Father and her brother,

Uncles, aunts, cousins,

And half a dozen others?

He gazed queerly at the parson,

Then gave his head a tilt,

And hopelessly he raised his eyes,

And weakly said, ‘I wilt!’