2013 Robert Iles Memorial Lecture: Apologetics in a Media Dominated World

Greetings Readers,
You may be aware that the Robert Iles Memorial Lecture will be held this month on Wednesday, July 24, at Burnside City Uniting Church.
We are excited to have Rev. Prof. David Wilkinson from Durham University and Cranmer Hall presenting  the Lecture, entitled Apologetics in a Media Dominated World.  With his background as a theologian, Methodist minister, astro-physicist and well-known author, it is sure to be thoughtful and thought-provoking.
Apologetics, or the defence of the Christian faith, is an area Rev. Robert Iles was passionate about, and he would have been delighted to attend a lecture by a world class leader in this area as Rev. Prof. Wilkinson.
We would like to invite you and anyone you think may be interested to attend the lecture.
Our hope is that through this the body of Christ might grow more confident in their faith, and be equipped with the tools to participate as Christians in the secular, media-dominated world.
Further details about David Wilkinson can be found at:


If you have any further questions, please let me know at grilesblog@gmail.com, or click on the following link for a brochure – Robert Iles 2013 Lecture.

Hope to see you there,