Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Reminder: 2013 Robert Iles Memorial Lecture

Just a reminder wonderful people. The 2013 Robert Iles Memorial Lecture is on tomorrow night. 7:30pm at Burnside City Uniting Church. Come along to see world renowned apologist Rev. Prof. David Wilkinson lecture… Continue reading

Letting The Force Use Us

I recall vividly a day three years ago when we drove into New York. Coming in on Freeway 80 we felt fairly confident of survival. As traffic slowed down to a crawl because… Continue reading

2013 Robert Iles Memorial Lecture: Apologetics in a Media Dominated World

Greetings Readers, You may be aware that the Robert Iles Memorial Lecture will be held this month on Wednesday, July 24, at Burnside City Uniting Church. We are excited to have Rev. Prof. David… Continue reading


Waiting is such a difficult pastime.   Young people can’t wait to grow up. They can’t wait for the school holidays, or for Christmas day. Others can’t wait for pay-day, or holidays, or… Continue reading