The Inaugural Robert Iles Memorial Lecture Report

More than 140 people gathered at Burnside City Church on November 7 to hear the inaugural Robert Iles Memorial Trust Lecture.

The lecture – the first in a series of five that will be presented annually – was the brainchild of the Robert Iles Memorial Trust as a way of honouring issues close to Robert’s heart and continuing his passion for the renewal of the church.

Professor Brian Edgar of Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, USA presented an outstanding lecture entitled ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ which discussed the relationship between Christ and culture; in other words, he delved into what the church needs to take into consideration when seeking to represent the gospel and share the love of God with the world.

He shared some provocative insights about what it means to know how to behave as a Christian in the Christian community we call ‘church’ while also addressing the crucial context of the church’s responsibilities within society as a whole.

Refreshingly, Professor Edgar addressed the issue of what Christians should reasonably expect from society at large and addressing the attitudes which can both hinder and help the renewal of the church and spreading the gospel.

The abridged version of the lecture is available by clicking this link – Iles Lecture Handout.

Callum Iles, Brian Edgar, Janis Iles and Neil Andrew.

The Robert Iles Memorial Trust was honoured to have among the lecture attendees, Max Champion – Chair, Assembly of Confessing Congregations within the Uniting Church in Australia, Rob Williams – Moderator, Uniting Church in South Australia, representatives from Uniting College, Tabor College, and churches across South Australia.

The Iles family would like to thank the Trust and all those who attended the lecture.  We know Robert would have been proud.