The Psalms

Hi friends,

 Psalms are not designed for recreational reading but for drawing us into the heart of the Lord and his Word through those who went through various traumas, mostly David, in days long past.

Psalms are for people to use who are going through crises. They are designed to encourage those who are suffering deeply, in anguish, fearful of what lies ahead or battling with what is presently happening.

 They are powerful, positive and passionate, for those in need.  

The Psalmists have been there before us. Though they erupt in anger and despair, virtually every Psalm concludes with hope and faith through the assurance of the presence of the Lord, (e.g. Psalm 22).

 From time to time the Psalms speak of “enemies”. For most of us this will not apply to other people, but it will apply to pain, cancer cells, treatments, sleepless nights of worry and anxiety about death.

 This anxiety seems to often relate less to a person’s concern for him/herself but out of love and compassion for family members, friends and cherished people.  To this the psalms speak powerfully.  

 The Scripture itself is the context within which the Psalm has been written and that context is that we have a gracious, loving, holy, all-powerful, all-present and all-knowing God who has revealed himself to us as a saving, forgiving and healing God in Jesus Christ.

 Old Testament scholars may be horrified to see texts plucked out of context and sequences within the Psalm, but the fact is we are rarely aware of what the context is that has provoked the writing of one. Further, we most often remember portions of Scripture in times of need and would battle to say recall of Psalm 119 for the sake of context. Psalm 117 is a different matter.

 I suggest you highlight, print off cards and take some of these inspired and vital verses; that you memorise them and let the Lord pour out the same Spirit who inspired them, into your body, mind, soul, hospital and home.

 Many blessings and thanks for who you are and what you do, or may yet do.